RoadPacker Plus, RoadPacker Supreme & RoadBond

RoadPacker Plus

Increased soil plasticity and compaction

RoadPacker Supreme (HD)

Advanced formula for heavy construction


Road stabilization and dust control

RoadPacker Plus

RoadPacker Plus is a cost effective, water soluble additive designed for new construction or the rehabilitation of an existing surface.

RoadPacker Plus interacts specifically with the clay particles present in the soils and chemically changes the clay’s ability to naturally attract water molecules.  The now free-standing water can be expelled during compaction, allowing for the clay particles and other materials present to be compacted more densely, significantly increasing the engineering properties of the clay.  Through compaction, the improved soil will increase CBR values and drastically decreases the ability for water to re-enter the soil.

The tightly compacted, low permeability soils will be virtually maintenance free for many years to come-drastically decreasing ongoing costs and improving productivity previously lost due to wet weather.

In conjunction with the RoadPacker Plus product, our proven industry leading application solutions integrate the latest and most advanced technical application equipment.  Custom blending equipment and pre-treatment soil testing allow our onsite representative to accurately calculate the proper mixture required to maximize the clay’s engineering properties, ensuring a long lasting, cost effective, maintenance-reduced projects.

RoadPacker Supreme (HD)

RoadPacker Supreme (HD) is a very powerful soil stabilizer designed for heavy duty applications.  This potent ionizing agent induces ionic exchange at the surface of clay particles.  It contains powerful surface active agents (surfactants), greatly reducing the surface tension of water RoadPacker Supreme increases the ability of the ionized water to penetrate soil.  The ionized solution acts as a super plasticizer to increase the plasticity of the treated soil, greatly increasing the compatibility of soil treated with RoadPacker Supreme (HD) as the clay particles are able to be moved within the gravel more easily.  In soils treated with RoadPacker Supreme (HD) the ionized solution penetrates the diffuse double layer of water surrounding clay particles, replacing the previously electrostatic held water, which causes much of the previously bound water to be released as free water.

This heavy duty surface and sub-grade stabilizer increases the durability of sealed and unsealed roads.


RoadBond is both a binding agent and ionic soil stabilizer that reacts with the surface of the clay particles to modify the clay and reduce its susceptibility to water.


RoadBond is an environmentally friendly, high-grade Calcium Lignosulfante based liquid concentrate that mixes in water for ease of application and is effective regardless of soil type or PH.  RoadBond has been refined to maximize its natural ability to bind fine surface particles with the coarse road material providing a reduction in surface dust.

RoadBond stabilizes and binds the soil by combining the strong, effective binding actions of calcium and lignin.  RoadBond is an extremely effective dust suppressant that can be used as a surface spray or it can be milled into the top two inches and compacted to provide both dust control and surface stabilization.

RoadBond is a concentrate that can be mixed at different ratios depending on your dust control needs.


RoadBond when used as an additive to cement/lime stabilization will effectively enhance performance of the treated soil by adding the plasticity needed due to the rigid nature of cement.  RoadBond effectively binds with the cement particles and delays the absorption of water, prolonging the hardening process and allowing the treated areas to be worked for longer periods.

More on chemical soil stabilizers

Chemical soil stabilizers are any chemical which when added to the soil, or road base material alters that material to improve its engineering properties. This occurs through a variety of mechanisms, including:

  • Increased compaction, density and bearing strength
  • Binding soil particles, reducing the soil’s susceptibility to changes from changing moisture content
  • Reducing the amount of water entering the soil and waterproofing the soil

More about RoadPacker products

RoadPacker products are non-toxic and environmentally safe in all conditions. Originally developed in 1996, RoadPacker Solutions Ltd spent years of research, application development and rigorous testing to improve the process that is now suited to the harsh conditions of the Canadian landscape and the world.

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