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What to Look for in a Road Construction Supplier

Choosing the correct road construction supplier plays an important role in the success of the job at hand. There are various factors to consider when offering a tender, some of which will be covered throughout this article.

The four main considerations are as follows:

1. Deadlines

Many road construction companies are very busy doing more than one project at a time. It is extremely important that you choose a supplier who can cater for your needs throughout your project to ensure you can do your job in an efficient manner. A supplier should be able to work with your schedule and place your needs and timing first.

2. Price

As always, price is pivotal factor to anyone and therefore plays a part when deciding on a supplier. After you narrow your options down to the final few it is important to determine the best supplier who offers value for money as well as quality. It’s good to remember that sometimes paying a little bit extra leads to a better quality solution and service.

When you do decide on your supplier it is always good to review them each year on factors such as:

  • Product Availbility

  • Equipment Quality

  • Service Reliability

  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Invoicing

  • Price

3. Experience and Knowledge

This is where you must feel 100% confidence in your chosen supplier; experience and knowledge is something that money cannot buy. An experienced supplier can make all the difference in choosing the correct options for the job by applying their product knowledge and experience to aid you complete your task ahead.

4. Track Record

Make sure that you select a road construction supplier that has proven success in completing your type of road construction project. Ensure they’ve handled the size and type of job that you need completed. Inquire as to which clients they have worked for and the scope, cost and outcome of jobs completed for each.

By applying these four categories of criteria, you will ensure for a successful project supplier outcome.

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RoadPacker Solutions is a leading supplier to the construction industry for road stabilization anddust abatement. With significant in-the-field deployment experience, we pride ourselves in efficient job completion, coming in on-budget, and doing things correctly – every time.

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